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Waxahachie City Council Election 2014

Randall Chase is running for Waxahachie City Council 2014

As a husband, father, and member of this community, I am here to preserve the history and build a brighter future! As an entrepreneur I started and ran my own training company that taught thousands of people how to save lives, from Girl Scouts to cardiologists. I am an advocate for our business community on a daily basis, and I have worked hard to support our families by serving on a number of boards including the YMCA, WISD Community Education, Navarro Police Academy, The American Cancer Society and others.

I am working to help Waxahachie grow every day and I can't wait to serve our community in a greater capacity and encourage connection with the generations and organizations that make us the most amazing place to live in Texas.

 I would appreciate your support and your vote on May 10th 2014

Randall Chase
Randall Chase for Waxahachie City Council 

  •    Husband
  •   Father of 4
  •   Graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University
  •   Masters Degree Student BIOLA University
  •  Vice President & Membership Director for the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce
  •  Board member for the:

o   YMCA
o   Waxahachie Community Education
§  Lighthouse for learning
o   Navarro College Continuing Education
§  Police Academy Advisory Board
  • Former Small Business owner

o   LifeSaver TX CPR First Aid & Safety Training
§  We trained an average of 1,000 individual per year
§  From Cardiologists to Girl Scouts

Randall Chase Stands for:
  • Small Business growth
  •  Community and family development
  •  Economic Development
  • Education
  • Conservative Values

 I am working to help Waxahachie grow every day. I can't wait to serve our community in a greater capacity and encourage connection with the generations and organizations that make us the most amazing place to live in Texas!

Vote for Randall Chase


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