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How to get Apologetics in your church, Four Lessons for the Apologetics Small Group

This article was written by me and originally published on the site 

Four Lessons for the Apologetics Small Group

by Randall Chase
When I speak on the topic of Apologetics and designing an apologetics program I always try to implement a few key foundations that the student can take away with them. The four keys that I have seen to be most successful are:

1. Relationship building 2. Don’t speak beyond your knowledge base 3. Always be willing to learn 4. Listen first, respond second
Point One: Remember true relationship building is going to have the greatest lasting impact. This means that it's not about how well you argue a point if the person that you're speaking to doesn't respect you as an individual enough to receive what you're saying. While you may get the point across, chances are he will not develop a lasting, life-altering outcome. The old saying “they don't c…