Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The image to the right is a picture is of a chain reaction, in nuclear chemistry, it's a continuing cascade of nuclear fissions. Reactions of this type also release a lot of energy. Where does the energy come from? Well, if you make very accurate measurement of the masses of all the atoms and subatomic particles you start with and all the atoms and subatomic particles you end up with, and then compare the two, you find that there's some "missing" mass. Matter disappears during the nuclear reaction. This loss of matter is called the mass defect. The missing matter is converted into energy. Einstein developed this into his well known equation E = mc2. In this equation, E is the amount of energy produced, m is the "missing" mass, or the mass defect, and c is the speed of light, I asked myself, what kind of "mass defect" do I have, when I start out what type of energy am I converting, am I creating positive or negative energy.

We Live in a fallen world, it’s a true fact regardless of your personal beliefs if you are a believer in God or not. This world is not getting much better. Things are bad, our economy is in the toilet, our government can’t seem to lead itself out of a wet paper bag, and our environment is quickly deteriorating. Most of the new popular books are about self help books that are guiding people to be the best you that you can be, but what is the fulcrum to which we can leverage our situations to truly become a better us? It’s not through the help of our government or our economy it’s not even through the help of our environment; those areas are already in the dumps and are not in the position to help. Where then can we turn? The best place we can start is by looking at ourselves, not in a mirror (while some may want to do that more often) but rather look at the condition of our hearts. This time of year brings out the true character of us, that attitude you have with the old lady in line in front of you at the store, or the guy who just grabbed the last toy hamster off the shelf just before you could. How do you respond to that situation?

"In my experience, it is much easier to ACT like a Christian than it is to REACT like one. Most of us are good actors--we can play the part. But our reactions reveal who we really are." ~Mark Batterson~

The simple fact is that how we act in this fallen world shows whether or not we are a part of it or separated from it. When you are driving on the highway and you get cut off, what thoughts go through your head, and what words come out of your mouth. I had this situation happen to me just yesterday, I was about to pull out when a guy who happened to be driving on the shoulder nearly hit me. My first response was, to slam on my breaks hit my horn and call him an idiot. But then as I pulled out, I cut off two other people, (my mass defect) now in this situation I could say hey they needed to watch where they were going and I was in the right. But I just did the same thing that I was so upset at the other guy about. Of course I know that I’m not an idiot, and I am a good driver (no comments from anyone who has ever ridden with me), so I didn’t get mad at myself, and who knows I am sure that colorful words and thoughts that I thought about the other driver were now being directed at me by not one but two cars. So the fact is sometimes we are the idiots and sometimes the idiots are around us. The key is however how we react. I had another situation just a week prior when a kid who wasn’t watching rear ended me. He left two screw shaped dents in my rear bumper, and this kid didn’t even have insurance, a point that could have made me even madder. But I wanted to put into practice the Christian reaction, I could have hollered and screamed, I could have called him names and insulted his driving, I could have even thought, well he is just another irresponsible teen driver. None of which would have fixed my bumper, and knowing that the damage was so small that my deductible wouldn’t even have covered it. But I chose not to react the way I could have. In the end I felt much better about myself and the kid felt horrible enough, plus the spots on the bumper are not even that noticeable.
But just like in nuclear chemistry, there is a chain reaction. and if we are not careful our reaction will fizzle out just like a bad nuclear equation. Or our reaction can have deadly results. So remember in this fallen world, in this time of high stress, which by the way should be a time of joy and sharing, really ends up being the time with the highest stress and highest depression and suicide rates. Let’s stop and think about how we REACT since to be able to react there has to be an act done to us first, it is our choice to act like the fallen world or act like the Jesus that lives in us.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

what do you believe?

There is a call on the life or heart of every man woman and child to do the right thing, to view their life as something that matters. We all have an innate desire to make the world a better place because we were in it, and to somehow make our lives more than just a waste of dirt and flesh. How then do we choose to go about this endeavor? What makes us feel that we need to fulfill this “Greater Calling” what is the name and face we give to this nameless, faceless tug deep within our souls? Many would call this “religion”, the path that we choose to follow to benefit the world around us, the personal drive to make ourselves better and to improve our standing in this life and the one to come.

History has given us a rare glimpse into the lives of countless thousands of predecessors who have put before them the goal of self and world betterment, the altruistic view that we have something bigger than ourselves to look forward to. We can see though history how people have gone about attempting to make this goal a reality from the sacrifices of primal tribes to gods in the sky, sea, or land. To individuals who sacrifice themselves to build a greener and better planet in which we live today. One of the key similarities of all of these religious viewpoints is the attitudes of Sacrifice. Either of self or others, there is a feeling of enduring the loss of a loved one for the greater good or the work of ourselves to further the cause that draws us on each day(some greater than others). There are those in this world who have chosen the path for others by setting up for themselves the guidelines in which to live love and exist. For others however we choose to blaze our own trail or road less traveled; in all, the journey of a lifetime starts with that first step of sacrifice toward the greater idea of good. For some there is the view of sacrificing a Sunday a week or even once a major holiday to spend time in a Holy building with others singing hymns or praise to God in fellowship. Others it is a trek up the side of a mountain to a hidden monastery or shrine where men or woman have given themselves to pious solitude. And still others who find themselves in the middle of a great urban center passing out fliers or tracts or booklets on end times or healthy eating and hairstyle.

Regardless of your personal views on this matter we all have something that we are sacrificing our time, money, and selves to. There are even those who do so to a job or event like football or humanitarian effort with no spiritual forethought whatsoever. Whatever, whoever, wherever, and whenever you sacrifice yourself it is in the name of religion, call it what you will Faith, Hope, Love or Money; Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Baha'ullah, Mohamed, or Oprah; Vishnu, Hubbard, or even Gouda. At some point in time you will bow the knee and declare there is a God.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

green tip

We have 6 people in our family and so we use a lot of water. One way we have found to save some water in when you flush, I know this may sound strange but think about it, on average we use about 2-3 gallons of water each flush. This means that we are using on average 1825 gallons a year just to flush per person, this is based on only using the toilet 2 times per day. multiply that times the number of people in your house and you can see how this can add up to a lot of water. So our little green tip for the day is to add a one gallon milk jug (cleaned and washed out of course) into the back tank. If you fill it with water then each time you flush it will save you 1 gallon of water. For our family the savings adds up, lets say we use the toilet 2 times a day each that will add up to 4380 Gallons of water in one year! That's a ton of water well actually 18.28 tons to be exact.

Here is how to do it.
  1. Take a cleaned out Milk Jug, make sure it has no label on it either, the label could come off and clog your toilet.
  2. fill the jug with water and cap it off.
  3. take the top off the back of your toilet (be careful it's heavy and breakable)
  4. flush your toilet while its refilling place the jug in the open side of your tank
  5. make sure that it isn't coming into contact with any of the mechanisms in your tank.
There you go its just that easy, the next time your tank fills up it will stop at its normal level but since the jug is in there it will be one gallon less per flush, you won't even notice the difference. Now your tank size may be a bit smaller depending on the model of toilet that you use, if this is the case you may not be able to fit a gallon jug in there but try a half gallon or another type of jug, remember to use plastic not glass and fill it with water.

happy saving and remember to live well, bless better.

image thanks to http://www.urbanecoist.com/2008/08/

Monday, August 3, 2009

CPR Saves Lives

As a CPR Instructor I hear stories all the time about people saving lives of loved ones and strangers by properly administering CPR and First Aid. The importance of this skill far out ways the time it takes to learn it. I love being able to teach a skill that I know if needed could save the life of an individual, and thereby save a family. If you have just 4 hours I would love to come teach your family, company or group, the lifesaving skills of CPR.
This is a great story about how CPR saved the life of a man in Oregon.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to Live well bless better

Here is the point of the blog, we are called to live a life worthy of the calling that we have received, but the greatest question then arises as to what is the calling that we have received? For the Bible tells us that many are called few are chosen, sounds like the Marines. But to what and to what extent are we to invest in our calling, there is the 5 fold ministry pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet, Apostle. Then there are those called to be priests (ministry calling) and kings (business/financial calling). The main point is not to be a seeker of the "calling" but rather a blessing to those who we come in contact with, in other words as the name professes "live well, bless better".

I will have many types of posts from money saving tips, to book reviews and personal viewpoints. essentially my goal is to be a blessing to others.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waxahachie City Council Election 2014

Randall Chase is running for Waxahachie City Council 2014

As a husband, father, and member of this community, I am here to preserve the history and build a brighter future! As an entrepreneur I started and ran my own training company that taught thousands of people how to save lives, from Girl Scouts to cardiologists. I am an advocate for our business community on a daily basis, and I have worked hard to support our families by serving on a number of boards including the YMCA, WISD Community Education, Navarro Police Academy, The American Cancer Society and others.

I am working to help Waxahachie grow every day and I can't wait to serve our community in a greater capacity and encourage connection with the generations and organizations that make us the most amazing place to live in Texas.

 I would appreciate your support and your vote on May 10th 2014

Randall Chase
Randall Chase for Waxahachie City Council 

  •    Husband
  •   Father of 4
  •   Graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University
  •   Masters Degree Student BIOLA University
  •  Vice President & Membership Director for the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce
  •  Board member for the:

o   YMCA
o   Waxahachie Community Education
§  Lighthouse for learning
o   Navarro College Continuing Education
§  Police Academy Advisory Board
  • Former Small Business owner

o   LifeSaver TX CPR First Aid & Safety Training
§  We trained an average of 1,000 individual per year
§  From Cardiologists to Girl Scouts

Randall Chase Stands for:
  • Small Business growth
  •  Community and family development
  •  Economic Development
  • Education
  • Conservative Values

 I am working to help Waxahachie grow every day. I can't wait to serve our community in a greater capacity and encourage connection with the generations and organizations that make us the most amazing place to live in Texas!

Vote for Randall Chase